Great Glebe Garage Sale

Great Glebe Garage Sale
Posted on 04/08/2024

Great Glebe Garage Sale Saturday May 25, 2024

Approximate hours 7am-3pm

Rain or Shine

(Those Who Initiate Greener Spaces) is looking for student volunteers to help on the day of the garage sale. To sign up, please fill out this form.

TWIGS is also renting out spots on Glebe property.

General location: the lots are all around the school building and parking lots

Lot size:
10 feet wide varying depths - see detailed descriptions below

$50 (
payable online only)

Location: Glebe Avenue, Bronson to Percy

Percy Avenue, Glebe to First

First Avenue, Percy to Bronson

Map of the lots: Public Copy of 2023 GGGS Vendor Lots Map

New Trees:

Your lot will NOT include a large tree, however there have been some new (baby) trees planted which may land on a lot! Lots marked with an asterix (*) will have a small tree but they will not impact the frontage.

Location Descriptions:

Read the lot descriptions, look at google maps to match up areas, choose a green lot (one that hasn’t been booked) email us the lot number you’d like, once confirmed by us, then make payment.  Keep an electronic copy of your receipt in cases of any confusion on the day. (Just in case someone tries to take your spot)

Glebe Avenue

Glebe Avenue from Percy to the school’s parking lot: flat, shady, no rear fence (anymore), about 8 feet deep. Mostly grass, but some gravel, and one concrete pad. Bushes at the back, which will get pruned.

Glebe Avenue from the east side of the school building to the west side of the school building:  Full shade, lots about 10 feet deep on grass. Some lots might be next to young trees.  

Percy Avenue

Percy Avenue’s lots are deep, but increasingly slope as you move towards First Avenue. (south) The first 6 lots are relatively flat, but then get steeper. There isn’t a chain link fence anymore. It is mostly in shade. Some of the lots on the flat area have electrical boxes, so look at google maps to see where they are to make a good choice for what you are selling.

First Avenue

First Avenue from Percy to the school’s parking lot is suitable for table vendors only.  We are often more generous with lot widths, so you can have two or three tables long, but there’s no depth.  It’s full sun.

Parking lot corner at First: this is a great spot for 10 x10 shade tents and tables. Vendors in this spot have done really well as there is so much foot traffic.  It is asphalt and there is a slight incline. 

Asphalt parking alongside the school building:  This is FULL sun, asphalt and about 10 feet deep. We tend to fill this area with vendors and there is a large amount of foot traffic.


Parking: There is limited first come first served parking at Glebe Collegiate in front of the school doors (about 30 spots).  There is street parking, but you MUST follow the City’s signage  Bylaw will be out in force and handing out tickets. Parking south of the school on Second, Third and Fourth Avenues often has more space than Clemow, Glebe and Powell.

What can and can’t be sold:

No food unless fully cooked and wrapped - biscuits, muffins, cakes etc.  You need a permit to cook food and it’s a nightmare to get one with the City.  

NO marijuana products using active or inactive ingredients! Optics matter a lot with the lots being on school property.  No signage with marijuana leaves etc.  The public will call the principal and he will hold us accountable.  If we see products on the day, we will close you down.  Sorry.. Just the way it is.

Planning for the Day

Organize getting your table(s) to the site, arrange for clothing racks to be assembled on site, ask friends to help you out with this as we do not provide tables, chairs or clothing racks. Bring a large enough tarp to cover your goods in case there is rain.

Plan to arrive by 7am.  Be ready to sell by 8.  Buyers start early.  Make sure you have enough change. Bring lots of food and water to drink (and TP)

Buyers will haggle.  Be prepared to arrive with loads of stuff and leave with nothing but a smile on your face and a pocket full of cash! That being said, keep your money safe.  


There will be a portalet on First Avenue side of the building, at the west side of the school building.  Bring extra toilet paper.  

Need help on the day?

There will be many student volunteers available to help you unload.  They will be wearing Glebe Collegiate T-shirts.  If you are working alone and need to use the bathroom, then ask one of them to find me, and I can take over your booth until you are back.

Garbage at the end of the day - we ask that you take all your leftovers and garbage home with you including any food you might bring.    

Wondering how the lots will be set up?

The night before, student volunteers will stake out your lot using caution tape and wooden stakes. There will be a clear page protector with your name and lot number on it that will be zip tied to the caution tape.  Once you are ‘open’ for business, simply remove the tape and leave it at the back of your area.  We will collect it at the end of the day  to reuse for next year.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested or have any questions
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